EVEN MORE Testimonials
"I have taken a bunch of the free lessons at the Friday night dances in Poughkeepsie. Since you
it. Since coming to your Saturday night dance in January and attending your classes and
Stephen, New Paltz, High School Spanish teacher

"It's got to be said that Linda and Chester Freeman are two of the best Lindy Hop dancers in the
Hudson Valley area and with that, the best instructors in this area as well.

"I've now been taking private lessons from them (first with just Chester) for just over a year.  
My skill as a Lindy Hopper has increased significantly.  I can now confidently join the Lindy
crowd on the dance floor at venues where, in the past, I would stay on the other side of the floor
due to my intimidation level.  I'm not quite there yet to dance with all the 'best' but I can see it
happening soon.

"So, for those of you who are considering getting into the 'swing' of things, Chester and Linda
are the ones who will help you get out there with confidence.  It's amazing how much fun you
can have once you know the moves!!!! Happy dancing."
--John,  landscape architect, Sharon, CT

"What a breath of fresh air to take lessons from two highly professional instructors. They not
only focus on your weakness, but expand upon your strengths and provide you with a great deal
of confidence. They have tremendous patience, but their biggest attribute is to modify the
teaching method to the student. Never hesitate to sign up with Linda and Chester."
--Keith and Barbara, retired or soon to be, Pawling, NY

"Linda and Chester have so much patience and are very supportive. I have become so
passionately involved with lindy hop because it is so much FUN. I am forever grateful to them
for bringing this to the Hudson Valley. Dancing with Chester is one of the highlights of my
dancing life."
-Susan, Retired School Teacher, Ulster County

I appreciate the way that people from many different backgrounds soon feel comfortable in
your dance classes.  You and Linda really do a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere where
your students can relax, enjoy themselves, and feel free to learn and develop as dancers and as
individuals.  Life is a growing process and I'm so glad that you and Linda are a part of mine. I
am really enjoying the classes, the dancing and the company of friends on Monday nights!”
--Ethel, Secretary, English Dept., SUNY New Paltz

"I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed our dance classes last night! Thanks again for all
of your enthusiasm and hard work.  It cannot be easy to keep coming up with new moves that
challenge us but are still within the range of our capabilities, that force us to
reach beyond comfortable and familiar dance patterns and to try brand new steps even if they
initially feel awkward.  I love the dancing and the good company; the laughter and friendly
support, as well as the wonderful and diverse selection of music helps make learning so much
fun!  I'm feeling revitalized and looking forward to the next dance! "
--Ethel (a few months later)

"I was really tired this past Monday night, so I was tempted to go home and climb in my bed, but
I'm glad I came to class instead. I really enjoyed it.  Swing Dancing is great exercise and great
for your mental health, too!  I really enjoy spending time with my Monday night Swing dancing
friends I've made through your classes, and I love the cool moves we are still learning, even
after taking more than a year's worth of classes with you!
--Ethel (a year later)

“I loved the class, I just wanted to say how much fun we had.”
--Julie, Musician

"Three months after my husband left me for another woman, I started dancing.  Linda and
Chester's classes give me something to look forward to on Monday nights, and have given me the
confidence to attend area social swing dances.  When I'm dancing, I forget about everything else
and can just enjoy the moment.  Learning how to swing dance has also given me a deeper
relationship with one of my great-aunts whose husband was a member of Whitey's Savoy Lindy
Hoppers back in the 40's.  I love listening to my aunt's stories and I think that it makes her very
happy to have someone to share them with."
-- Reba, Environmental Educator

"Thanks for the encouragement AND the great class/ mini-camp ! ...And  films too ! You're both
great teachers, plus I loved the music you choose to work with!"
--Ann, Massage Therapist, Woodstock"

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