Letters from our wedding couples
"I have to tell you that although our wedding was
highlight for us and for many others. TJ's moves
were like butter.  He was loving it. And when
asked about the best part of the wedding for him,
his answer- the dance! Totally unbelievable. And
my mother said the same thing. So much of it has
were guided to you. You guys are such great
instructors and such a shining example of a
beautiful union. We feel very blessed to have had
the opportunity to work with you both. We hope to
dance with you in the future!!"
--Melinda & TJ (photo right)
Just wanted to say thanks for
the great dance instruction to
get us ready for our wedding.  
The dance was a big hit!  
Thanks again for helping make
--Matt and Melanie (photo left)
We had so much fun in class and in our private lessons.Thank you for working
with our song and even slowing it down to suit our speed. Our guests were so are
wonderful, talented, patient teachers."
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