Yoga for Age Reduction DVD
"If you have a
body, you are a
--Gabrielle Roth
NEW! Yoga for Age Reduction DVD w/Linda Freeman

Retain or regain your youthful, flexible body. No yoga
experience necessary.

After practicing yoga for over 10 years, I  became
disillusioned with the way yoga was being taught to those
with older bodies and less flexibility. These students were
often incorrectly compensating during the poses in ways that
could be harmful.

I  became certified in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Yoga
Meets Dance in 2005 and developed a special program called
Yoga For Age Reduction. Now this special class is available
to everyone on dvd.

This 107 minute DVD contains:

TWO complete Yoga Practice Sessions
1. Chair-based yoga 30:15 min.
2. Full yoga 37:10 min.

FOUR Breathing Technique Instruction Sessions
1. Dirgha (3-part breath) 4:05 min.
2. Ujjay (Ocean-sounding breath) 2:35 min.
3. Kapalabhati (Cleansing breath) 3:10 min.

TWO Deep Relaxation Sessions
1. Guided Imagery 8:01 min.
2. Music 5:48 min.

$29.95 +shipping & handling.