Private dance lessons
Private Dance Lessons in the HUDSON VALLEY, NY
"What a breath of fresh
air to take lessons from
two highly professional
instructors. They not
only focus on your
weakness, but expand
upon your strengths
and provide you with a
great deal of
--Keith, retired
Are you getting ready for a special event? Getting Married?

Do you want to give someone
a gift that will last a lifetime?

Do you learn better moving at your own pace and getting what
you need when you need it?

Do you want to enhance and refine what you are learning in
the classroom?

Is your schedule simply too demanding to commit to weekly

Do you want to learn a ballroom style not included in our
group classes?

Private lessons may be what you are looking for! From one
lesson to as many as you need. No contracts required.

$45/half hour for one person or a leader/follower combo
$85/hour for one person or couple
Special rates for small group private lessons

Call us at 845-236-3939 or use the contact form below.
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