Letters from our wedding couples
his answer- the dance! Totally unbelievable. And
beautiful union. We feel very blessed to have had
were guided to you. You guys are such great dance
with you in the future!!"
instructors and such a shining example of a
dance with you in the future!!"
--Melinda & TJ (photo right)
for the great dance
instruction to get us ready
for our wedding.  The
dance was a big hit!  
Thanks again for helping
make the day extra special.

Matt and Melanie
(photo left)
"Thank you so much for everything you did to help us prepare for our wedding.
our faces when we dance how much we enjoyed it. Thank you for working with
our song and even slowing it down to suit our speed. Our guests were so
impressed with our big opening number! We really can't thank you enough.
You are wonderful, talented, patient teachers.
--Emma and Ed

"The dance was a huge hit at the wedding, a great highlight! And the surprised look on
the faces of our guests was priceless. My Dad even cried. Thanks so much!"
--Melanie & Matt
as individuals and as a couple in
wedding dance and we were able
feeling awkward in front of all of
our guests. The best part is, I still
close my eyes and lose myself in
him leading me around the room,
even if we are just spinning around
our living room."
--Jessica and James (photo right)