PROGRAM: Morning workshop for women's shelter staff day
hat a fine time we had on Wednesday as the two of you so deftly taught us how to
swing dance. I have received uniformly glowing praise from everyone involved.

"It is clear how beneficial this kind of interaction can be for people from all walks of life.
For us, it helped break down reserve among staff and gave us an opportunity to interact
on a fun basis instead of the usual work-connected ways. Learning something new
together and sharing so much laughter allowed us to return to our duties refreshed and
--Laura Benton Ogden
Shelter Director, Grace Smith House, Inc.

Interested in bringing us to your organization? Whether you are looking for a
way to build team and partnership skills or just introduce fun and group
interaction, swing dance can bring new light and laughter to your next conference.
Contact us.
PROGRAM: 8-weeks at the Violet Avenue
School in Hyde Park teaching 160 4th &
5th graders to swing dance.
"Thank you for the dancing lessons. That means everything to me...when it's Friday, I
just want Monday to come so I can dance!"
Shonda, 5th grade

"This is one of the coolest things I've done. I will always remember this forever. Swing
dancing is one of my favorite things now and you two are the best dance teachers ever."
Victor, 5th grade

"I love swing dancing. When we first started I couldn't even do the step, step, rock
step. But I learned it. Then I learned the other moves and it became easy. You both are
great teachers. When we mess up, you help us fix it. The music has a great beat to it and
it's really fun."
Joe, 5th grade

"It taught me how to have eye contact with my partner, and to be focused and have fun
dancing. Thank you for a wonderful experience. When I first started I didn't know what
to think, but now I love it.
Victoria, 5th grade

Interested in bringing us to your school? The benefits are many: social, physical,
emotional, mental. Reduce behavior issues, increase children's confidence and
social skills as they learn etiquette and how to relate to each other in new ways.
Plus they get to learn an authentic part of American history while exercising in a
fun way.
Contact us to discuss setting up a program in your school.
Schools & Organizations
class that we
probably never
--Violet Avenue
School 5th grader