To us there is no greater testimonial to the joy of learning to dance than listening to
what our students say about it. Please let us know what you think of our events,
classes and dances by contacting us and, with your permission, we will post your

Read what some students had to say...

"What started out as a quest to learn to do the basics of swing has evolved into so
much more. I have not only learned the basics but have moved on to dance moves I
never thought I could do. A widow embracing the single scene, dancing with both of
you has given me laughter, friends and a new lease on life. Thank you."
--Judy T., Grahmsville, NY , social worker

"I was not making progress swing dancing, so I was not having as much fun as I
could. I wanted to unrust and get back to feeling comfortable at the swing dances.
The classes are a big help. I feel more comfortable and I am having more fun at the
dances and will go more often. Linda and Chester, you are very personable,
perceptive, and good teachers. You are good at what you do. You have good ideas,
and offer a broad range of opportunities so everyone can participate in some way.
--Pascale M, Kingston, NY, Boces Applications Trainer

"I really like the way you guys dance and teach. Your approach is conducive to my
way of learning. In addition, you include the fun factor. Taking your classes is
almost as much fun as regular dancing."
--Ron F., New Paltz, NY, vocational counselor

"What keeps me coming back is the great atmosphere, and the excellent teaching. Its
a VERY comfortable place to learn and push past your normal personal limits."
--Tim M., Newburgh, NY, student

"You guys are good teachers and create a warm and friendly environment to take
class in."
--Dana S, Ulster Park, NY, massage therapist & birth doula

"I am absolutely thrilled with the classes. Each series has been fun & enlightening."
--Margot C., Woodstock, NY, law student

"I found the experience supportive and instructive. Having no natural rhythm or
sense of direction, I found that there still is a chance..."
--Ted R.

"I love to watch people dance and wanted to be able to do it myself. Your classes
gave me confidence, a little more agility, a work out!! Everybody is so nice:
instructors and students."
--Maggie S., Rosendale, NY, IBM employee

"Classes are a great way to brush up on basics, learn new stuff and meet other
dancers, and find out where swing dances are happening. I keep coming back to
your classes because you are great instructors, it keeps me practicing and improving
my dance skills and it is great exercise without being in a gym - ugh!!"
--Lauranne B., Rhinebeck,  NY, school librian

"I like the high standards that are expected at the classes."
--Jill F., Newburgh, NY, retired

"The swing dance parties provide a very needed social activity for folks who enjoy
dancing - no matter what form. The atmosphere is extremely "people" friendly which
makes going as a single a non issue. All you have to do is dance!"
--Donna M., Kingston, NY, paralegal

"Your classes are fun and challenging.  You encourage your students at whatever
level they come to you. Everyone gets a chance to dance with each other AND with
the teachers!  We laugh.  We get confused.  We laugh some more.  With your help,
we figure it out.  And all to great music!  Thanks for bringing out the best in your
students in a fun and risk-free environment.
--Matoaka E.,  New Paltz, NY, Native American performer
&                                                                               community service worker

"I had a good time. People made you feel at home."
--Butch R.

"I had a great time and have been able to be a better partner as a result of the
--Diane B, Rhinebeck, NY, paralegal

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